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Wonder. Bliss. Awe.



You are here because you crave magic and light.
You know there is more to this world.

Mysteries to uncover. Sensations to experience. Insights to spark. Flashes of clarity. Creating. Molding. Everything you could have imagined becoming real.

Breathing in inspiration. Breathing out awe.

Unfold into a new world. A new life. A new self. And the time is now, my love. Let’s do it together!

You are the most influential person you’ll talk to today.

Make sure you’ve got the right conversation going on.


Invest in Your Well-Being

Soul Experiences

Join us as we expand our minds, bodies, surroundings, and souls in this wonderful and sometimes outrageously confusing adventure that we call mindful and liberated living!

Our classes, workshops, and retreats deliver smart and approachable solutions to creating a healthier and more inspired life.

Whether at home or at work, Enlightened Journeys will take you on an exploration of the mind, body, and soul that will help you easily develop your own conscious insight, bringing you naturally to your next level of being and living an invigorated life.

Soul Journeys


Soul Sailing Day Retreat - Spring 2024

Rediscover your soul’s calling and learn how to use your inner compass to always guide the sails of your life during this powerful 6-hour event of fellowship and transformation, from the comfort of the beautiful catamaran across Galveston Bay! Extra insights are bound to happen with Heather Hildebrand, a world-renowned psychic medium, as our co-host.

Recuperative Weekend Retreat - FALL 2024

Taking place on the sacred, tranquil property of Samadhi Yoga Retreat in the Texas Hill Country, this retreat location is the perfect spot to rest, rejuvenate, and recuperate. Featuring a unique 3-story pyramid created from native Juniper, you will relax with guided yoga, meditation, breathwork, bowl sound healing, and other blissful surprises.

Thanking Your Future Self Workshop

Embrace the powerful, elevated emotions you will feel when your creations come to fruition in this life-altering workshop. Combine these elated emotions with sharp and distinct memories of your future, and you’ll not only be biologically changed by the memory of your future but will draw it to you!



Relax, Rebalance, Rejuvenate!

Experience the ultimate in self-care in this deep dive retreat that both provides the adventure your heart desires along with the peace your soul seeks. Wake up overlooking gorgeous Pacific views, delve into native cultural experiences, meet heart-centering spirits like you and open your soul to the divine!

This is a Bucket List trip!

Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind Meditation

Emotions are frequency. Frequency carries information. During this meditation, you will embrace elevated emotions, which will start to position your future self towards healing any condition chemically. This experience has been known to heal diseases, past traumas, and bring forth manifested desires. Boom!

Breathwork Classes

For centuries, ancient cultures have understood the benefits of breathwork. Now backed by modern-day science, learning different breathwork techniques not only can increase your emotional and mental health but your physical well-being too. Learn to take advantage of the elixir of life by tapping into its potential every moment of your day.

Empowering the Power Within Meditation

Focusing on the third energy center, the solar flex, this guided meditation will bring back your personal empowerment, expand your feeling of security, and increase your immune system by strengthening your inner army. Who doesn’t want that?

Integrative Well-Being Consulting

Well-being consultant, clairvoyant, and quantum science junkie, Mary Frances provides approachable solutions to creating healthier, wealthier, and inspired lives for people on the go. After assisting thousands of business owners to achieve incredible success, she was guided to align her knowledge, education, training, and natural gifts towards helping individuals to tap into self-actualization.

With Mary Frances’ help, you’ll develop a deeper level of interpersonal connectivity in order to achieve self-realization – to understand yourself as a spark of “divine” consciousness – and pure love.

Mary Frances’ four-pillar approach covers mind, body, environment, and spirit, taking one on a deep dive into changing debilitating habits, depleting emotions, and lackadaisical goals.

No crystal ball here.

This experience is for those who yearn for their dreams, the vision of something better. It’s for those willing to learn, ready to invest in their future, and willing to be coached.

Time to explore. To transform like never before. Time to begin your Enlightened Journey now!

Everyone wants more out of life. And, I believe we all deserve a chance to get it. I intend to be an empowering force for spiritual evolution, creating conscious lives and help in re-awakening the world.
Transformational Retreat Facilitator,
Well-Being Consultant, Energy Healer


You Need More Than A Yoga Mat

We are creatures of habit. The habit of being ourselves can be our worst enemy. Our habits are formulated in alignment with the emotional outcome. In most cases, this alignment is centered around emotions of fear or lack.

Why is this important?

Your true emotional state and how you think are key to your long-term physical health, unlimited abundance, nurturing relationships, and eternal wholeness. This alignment takes being conscious of your emotional state, which takes practice, practice, practice.

Much more important than your yoga class is the practice of being whole at any given moment. That’s when the magic really starts to happen.

Start Your Incredible Journey Now

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